Services for the Students

Educational Counselling

The primary goal of counselling to students is to identify the queries and give them solution according to the need and demand relevant to the subject matter. Our certified counsellors enhance the students capacity and fulfill the answer of their queries by psychological and cognitive approach.

Course Selection

Sometimes, students study goes beyond their level and interest which may make make them frustrating and even give up their study. So, we guide students to select suitable courses on the basis of student’s level and educational background that lead students towards success and become professional in the future endeavour.

University Selection

Selection of suitable university is also an important part for proper course and scholarship. We help our students to find out the best university on the basis of their level, educational background and economic status.

Visa Assistance

After receiving COE, student needs to get permission by relevant embassy to get visa. So, we guide them to prepare the required documents and getting visa.

Scholarship Assistance

Our mission is to assist students to get quality and practical education. Therefore, we assist our genuine and hard working students for scholarship programs as well.

Pre Departure Orientations

We arrange an orientation class regarding travelling, accommodation, culture and rules of destiny country to feel students comfort and secure. In additions, we arrange airport pick up facility by relevant colleges or universities representatives.